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Author: Jonathan R.

computer help in burnaby

Computer Help in Burnaby – 2022 Guide

Do you need computer help in Burnaby? Today, mobile devices, computers, and apps are needed to live a productive life. If you need computer help in Burnaby, there are lots of sources offering assistance. There are free 1-on-1 help available for computers, phones, tablets, zoom & more. This page lists programs which anyone can access.…
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family literacy week

Celebrate Family Literacy Day in Burnaby

January 27 is Family Literacy Day in Burnaby. This year’s theme is “Learning in the Great Outdoors”, which encourages families to make time for outdoor learning. Spending time in nature provides many cognitive benefits. Studies have shown that exposure to nature improves a child’s ability to learn and can even improve grades. In the age…
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new year 2022

Upcoming Events, January 2022

We sincerely hope everyone is enjoying their final week of 2021. The new year is just around the corner, so let’s get ready by previewing some of the literacy events scheduled for the month of January 2022. Family Literacy Week: January 23-30 Thousands of schools, libraries, community groups and families across the country celebrate Family…
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Start your personal finance journey today

Start Your Financial Literacy Journey Today

As Canadians start to grapple with higher prices and record setting household debt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, financial literacy is becoming something of a buzzword. The problem is, schools do not place great importance in teaching people about personal finance. This means we have to teach ourselves. Luckily, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada…
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Misinformation and Covid-19

Dangers of Misinformation

We have seen an explosion of misinformation in the media during the pandemic. Many of us have seen one of those dubious health tips that says drinking hot tea or eating lots of garlic will prevent you from catching the coronavirus. Some say the vaccines are designed by Bill Gates to implant us with 5G…
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Handing out new children's books to families at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House's South Food Hub and at Ryan's Rainbow Emergency Food Outreach Bank, Burnaby, BC. - Literacy Burnaby

September Literacy Hamper Recap

Last month, Literacy Burnaby received more lovely new children’s books from Literacy Abbotsford, Read On Canada and First Book Canada! On Sept 8th, we were at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House’s South Food Hub to hand these books out to families after they have picked up their food. As you can see in the photos, there…
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