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September is Literacy Month

September is Literacy Month

We’d like to thank Mayor Mike Hurley for proclaiming September as Literacy Month in the City of Burnaby! As students are returning back to school this week, this proclamation by Mayor Hurley is a great reminder for all who those aren’t in the formal education system to recognize the increasing importance of literacy in their lives, and to continually work to keep improving their literacy.

“Literacy is not simply the ability to read and write, it is a key pathway for Canadians to increase opportunities and life prospects and to be successful in the modern world…”

Mike Hurley, Mayor of Burnaby

Literacy Now Burnaby is committed to helping everyone succeed at improving their literacy through the development of local literacy programs, program referrals, book donation drives, online resources, and social media outreach. Please check out our website and follow us on social media to stay up to date on all of our activities. You can also join us in celebration of literacy month by getting involved. Happy literacy month everyone!