Why We Really Want to Learn Code

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There are 2 common reasons to learn coding

1. You want to build something like a website, app, game, plugin, etc that lets you accomplish a goal. For example,

  • You’re an entrepreneur or manager and you want to create a website to solve a problem. Then knowledge of web programming can help you achieve your goal or empower you to guide its development by other people.
  • You are a content creator and have a website or blog. If you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you do not need to limit yourself to the design options provided website builders like WordPress and Squarespace.
  • You like building things like mini games and apps because they provide the challenge of learning new skills and solving interesting problems.

2. To get a better job

  • Opportunities for people who acquire coding skills are growing, and these jobs are often in the sweet convergence area between the creative and technical industries.
  • In order to build the skills to get a better job, you’ll need to learn by building things. It’s all the better if your creations solve interesting problems.

These two reasons both have one really important thing in common

People who like to code do so because they want to solve problems. Solving problems in code often means breaking big problems into smaller pieces and solving them in isolation from the rest of the problem.

To get more people to build complex things that solves problems, you have to motivate them to become adventurous, take creative risks, and nurture their persistence with the knowledge that they may fail many times before they succeed.

Coding requires spending long hours studying and interacting with an inanimate machine. However, the fulfillment from being able to solve a meaningful problem with nothing but your creative wits and technical expertise can be worth it.

Why Ladies should learn to code

1. Reduce the pay gap

Jobs in computing and internet are increasing in importance. More participation in this industry by women is needed for a more equitable society and to reduce the pay gap. Research done by the American Association of University Women found that one year after graduation, male and female coders were earning the same salary. 

2. Work life balance

Most tech workers are saying goodbye to the 9-to-5 job and embracing a remote work lifestyle. Remote work provides the ability to be flexible, allowing families to stay home with young children, or help care for aging parents. 

3. Break the stereotype

Girls are often praised for being well-behaved or nice, while boys are encouraged to be adventurous and courageous. If girls can be taught coding skills along with the nurturing to become more courageous, risk-taking and independent, we can close the gender gap and empower women in the workplace.

Canada Learning Code Week: December 3-10

December 3-10 is Canada Learning Code Week. Canada Learning Code is a federally registered charitable organization in Canada promoting collaborative, technological learning among women and youth. Join Canada Learning Code this week for your chance to discover fun and interactive ways to teach women and youth about tech.

Also check out the digital literacy resources and programs on our website to help you in your digital literacy journey.

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