Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Speaker Series

On Wednesday September 29th, from 10am to 1pm PST on Zoom, Volunteer Burnaby is hosting a focused speaker series event called “Exploring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Non-Profit Sector.” 

This event will feature four presentations from our remarkable speakers: 

Rachelle Dallaire, Executive Director of Indigenous Perspectives Society.

Ruth Mojeed Ramirez, Chief Equity Officer of The Inclusion Project.

Dr. Moussa Magassa, Human Rights Educator at the University of Victoria and co-chair of Resilience BC.

And a Member of Volunteer Canada’s Speaker Bureau to be announced!

You can purchase your tickets at:

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Multilingual Resources at the BPL!

Are you raising a multilingual child in Canada? Do you worry that your child might lose their home language or not learn English well enough? Children in multilingual families are challenged with the difficult task of learning more than one language at once.

The Burnaby Public Library (BPL) and Literacy Now Burnaby is committed to helping multilingual families cope with this challenge by providing resources and workshops that guide them towards the best possible solutions. There are many resources such as books and digital information at the Burnaby Public Library that can help support your child’s first language while helping them learn about other cultures. The library also holds workshops that offer assistance on finding these resources while sharing tips and practical information for raising multilingual children. 

Below, we have prepared several links to BPL resources for multilingual families.

Books on Raising Bilingual or Multilingual Children (For parents)
Bilingual Books for Kids (Books where all the words are in two languages)
Books in Different Languages

In addition, here are some excellent tips on raising multilingual children:

Parents Canada’s “Tips For Raising A Multilingual Child”
21 Insightful Tips to Raise a Trilingual Child

To find out more about workshops and upcoming events at BPL, please log onto the library’s website or Twitter Page.