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How to Raise Multilingual Kids

How to Raise Multilingual Kids

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It’s useful to be multilingual and know multiple languages. In this blog, learn why you should teach your child a second language and get some tips. 

What is Multilingualism?

Multilingualism is being able to speak multiple languages. For example, that could be speaking English and your native language. Knowing multiple languages is beneficial. It provides job opportunities, lets us talk to more people, and increases cognitive ability. So, knowing multiple languages and teaching your kids a second (or third!) language is good.

Monolingualism is speaking 1 language. Bilingualism is speaking 2 languages. Multilingualism is speaking 2 or more languages. 

Although it’s easiest to learn a new language when you’re young, teens and adults can still learn. It’s never too late!

The video below, by Translated, is about a girl’s ability to speak many languages. Because of this ability, she can help her community. This video demonstrates the importance of multiple languages. 

Resources in Burnaby to Raise Multilingual Kids

  • Go to a storytime at the Burnaby Public Library
    • They’re currently offering storytimes in Cantonese, Japanese, and Tigrinya
    • Sometimes the BPL offers classes on raising multilingual children
  • Speak your language at home
  • Watch movies and read books in other languages
  • Look for preschools or daycares that teach a second language 
  • Look for French or Mandarin immersion schools
  • Get a tutor
  • Encourage your teen to learn French by applying to Explore

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