Clear Language

plain language

Clear Language (or Plain Language) can help you ensure your readers are able to fully understand your message. For many people (42% of Canadian Adults), low levels of literacy may keep them from fully participating in society. Clear Language for all public communication in Burnaby is endorsed by the Burnaby Inter Agency Council (BIAC).

Why use Clear Language? Clear language means no one is excluded. It is fair, open and inclusive and can reach people who don’t read well. Clear language is an approach to communication that puts the reader first and focuses on action. A clear language document lets people find what they need to know and understand what they find.

How does clear language help?
• Saves time, money, and resources, because it gets the job done the first time
• Reaches people who don’t read well
• Helps all readers understand information
• Avoids misunderstandings and errors
• Act on what they find out

What does Clear Language look like? It usually consists of:
• Short sentences with one point
• Simple graphics that are easy to understand
• Uses headings, sub-headings and bullets
• Some bold type to highlight important points
• Essential information with lots of white space