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Literacy Outreach Coordinator: 604-562-3447

Thank You For All The Book Donations!

Thank You For All The Book Donations!

Family Literacy Week (January 22-29) is coming up, and we’re happy to have received so many wonderful book donations in 2022. We’d especially like to thank Alberta, Danielle, Gail, Julie, Kevin, Kirsten, Maureen and the “Dunbar Folks,” Paula, Prachi, Priscilla, Shihori, Soyoung, and Stacy.

Once again, we truly appreciate all the book donations! Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to impact the people we do. The books will be distributed to families in need in Burnaby, to promote literacy from a young age. Every child has the right to read. 

This year, let’s keep them coming! All books are welcome, but we are especially looking for books in Arabic, Farsi, and Spanish.

If you’d like to donate, please contact us at literacynow@burnabynh.ca or 604-562-3447.