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Why is digital literacy important to seniors?

Why is digital literacy important to seniors?

Technology devices are probably familiar to teenagers, but for grandparents and seniors, it was something weird and odd. How many times have you helped your father or grandfather with technology-related problems? Do they think you’re a real tech expert just because you use your phone and computer all the time?

Age and technology adoption have a clear correlation that is well known. However, it turns out to be the false assumption that many elders find it challenging to acquire current technologies. The evidence indicates that when a gadget or service is shown to have immediate relevance to a senior’s essential life goals, older individuals rapidly adapt and learn new mainstream technology.

1. Access to information

The Internet is an essential tool for accessing information and communicating with others, as well as for many other daily activities. It is a service in itself and provides access to many other benefits. It has also become important in seniors’ lives. Internet services must be accessible, affordable, secure, reliable, and continuously available to the elderly.

2. Connect with society

Many older adults live far from their relatives, and visits from them may take a long time. Families can keep in touch practically daily with the use of telecommunications apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Digital literacy has been one reliable strategy to stay in touch and protect our seniors during the pandemic.

3. Safety and health management

The advancement of science and technology has solved the elderly’s fear of being alone as well as the anxiety of children living away from elderly parents. Personal monitoring devices can help other family members monitor the elderly’s activities and alarm as soon as something unusual happens. Elderly people also easily call for help with the push of a button.

There are also a number of security systems that link to smart apps so that family members receive notifications if the door is unlocked or if a stranger has broken into the elderly’s home. Even if family members are all over the country, they can still monitor and protect their loved ones.

The world is becoming more aware of our elderly society as the times change. The seniors no longer fear reaching particular ages because life has been made easier thanks to technology and initiatives to guarantee they are living their best lives. There are numerous free and paid digital literacy programs available in Burnaby, check out our Digital Literacy Programs site for more information.

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