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Why is digital literacy important to seniors?

Technology devices are probably familiar to teenagers, but for grandparents and seniors, it was something weird and odd. How many times have you helped your father or grandfather with technology-related problems? Do they think you’re a real tech expert just because you use your phone and computer all the time? Age and technology adoption have…
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Why Is Cultural Literacy Important?

Today, June 27, is Canadian Multiculturalism Day. To celebrate Burnaby and Canada’s multiculturalism, here’s what cultural literacy is, why it’s important, and how you can improve yours. What Is Cultural Literacy? Culture is how a group of people live, their language, arts, science, beliefs, practices, and understanding of their environment. Cultural literacy is being able…
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Do I Need To Invest?

Do you need to invest? There are definitely a lot of reasons you should, so here are 3.  1. You’re Losing Purchasing Power Basically, you’re losing money every year you wait. Without investing, the value of things you can buy every year goes down. Inflation is high enough that the interest you make on cash…
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woman using laptop

3 Ways to Easily Manage Your Online Passwords

If you’re reading this, I bet you have countless online accounts. I personally have hundreds of usernames and passwords. In this article, I’ll show you some tricks I’ve learned over the years on how to easily manage this type of data. It wasn’t long ago when people didn’t need so many online accounts. But today,…
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will stroet

Upcoming Event: “Play to Learn, Learn to Play”

June 1st, 2022, 10am-1pm at Humphries Park, Burnaby Featuring JUNO Nominated Musician and Former CBC Kids TV Star Will Stroet! The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table is hosting the “Play to Learn, Learn to Play” event at Edmonds Park on June 1st between 10-1pm. This is a great chance for families to learn about the…
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Feeding Hearts and Minds with Literacy Hampers in 2022

Spring and summer months are times for our literacy hampers, which are gifts of books and other learning materials included in food bank packages for the needy. 48% of adult Canadians have low literacy skills that fall below a high school level, which negatively affects their ability to function at work and in their personal…
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ISPARC Healthy Living

Workshop Event: Indigenous Physical Literacy 101

The Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC) is a provincial organization dedicated to improving the health of Indigenous peoples by supporting and encouraging physically active individuals, families, and communities. ISPARC’s Indigenous Physical Literacy Workshop provides an Indigenous lens and perspective to physical literacy.  Attendees will be introduced to the concept of the Holistic…
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Literacy Hampers Update

In just 10 events, Burnaby Literacy Now has already handed out over 2,000 books! Special thanks to the many generous community members from Burnaby (David, Sharon, Julie, Muna, Maria, Julia, Mario, and so many more) for their book donations. Another big thank you to these wonderful organizations and our Food Hub Librarians for making this…
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workbc trans

WorkBC Support for Trans+ Individuals

Literacy Now Burnaby understands that the Trans+ community may face difficulty in the job market due to social stigma. That’s why they are committed to being an ally for the Trans+ community. No matter our sexual orientation and identity, we all deserve the opportunity to engage in meaningful work. Women, Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities,…
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Puddles, Pines, And Petals: Adventures In The Outdoors

Early childhood educators are invited to take part in a FREE professional development seminar organized by the Douglas College ECE Program featuring Deb Smith, M.Ed. to explore Outdoor Learning Programs for kids. The event is scheduled for May 5th, 6:30 to 8:30 pm by Zoom. Outdoor nature learning is increasingly being recognized for the many…
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