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How To Become Physically Literate

How To Become Physically Literate

We need a level of physical literacy for our everyday lives. We need it to sit, stand up, walk, and more. By developing and improving our physical literacy at all ages we lead a more active lifestyle, which, in turn, improves our whole lives. Here we’ll learn what physical literacy is and how you can become physically literate.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy is having the motivation, confidence, and ability to use movement to improve your life. When you are physically literate, you know the benefits and you confidently take part in physical activity regularly, becoming healthier and happier.

Benefits of Physical Literacy

We all know physical activity benefits us. Self-esteem and self-confidence are a big one. When we learn how to use our bodies through physical movement, our self-esteem and self-confidence grow. Physically literate people move with more poise and are more aware of their bodies. Of course, being physically active is also good for your health. This includes improving brain and mental health, strengthening bones and muscles, managing weight, reducing risk of disease, and being able to do everyday activities better. Through physical literacy and physical activity, many health problems can be avoided. 

Recommended Amount Of Physical Activity A Week

Canadians, as a whole, need to be more physically active. For children and youth, physical activity increases strength, heart health, and bone density. For adults, it reduces the risk of many chronic conditions, and for seniors, it helps maintain balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. The Canadian 24-hour movement guide recommends 150 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, muscle strengthening twice a week, and several hours of light physical activity for adults. Children and youth need more physical activity to stay healthy and develop their own physical literacy. 

Where To Become Physically Literate In Burnaby

The Canadian 24-hour movement guide suggests slowly adding more movement to your day. An easy way is to use more active transportation. This could be walking, biking, or running to work, school, or a local store. Not only is it healthy for you, it’s healthy for the environment! You could also pick up a new sport or physical activity like skiing, swimming, yoga, going to the gym, and many others. Don’t be afraid to keep trying until you find something you enjoy doing! In Burnaby, we’re lucky to have many parks and trails to walk, hike, bike, and run on. Every step and every minute of physical activity counts. The city has a number of recreation and community centres, indoor and outdoor pools, golf courses, and seniors’ centres. They also have daily activities like Aquafit, swimming, skating, and other recreation classes. 

Physical literacy is key to a good life. It allows us to live a longer and fuller life, with fewer health problems and a clearer brain. Through physical literacy, we communicate better. Humans have moved for as long as we’ve been around. Our bodies were made for moving- it’s essential to our lives- and in our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, we need to recognize the value of physical literacy and activity. 

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