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September Literacy Hamper Recap

September Literacy Hamper Recap

Handing out new children's books to families at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House's South Food Hub and at Ryan's Rainbow Emergency Food Outreach Bank, Burnaby, BC. - Literacy Burnaby

Last month, Literacy Burnaby received more lovely new children’s books from Literacy Abbotsford, Read On Canada and First Book Canada!

On Sept 8th, we were at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House’s South Food Hub to hand these books out to families after they have picked up their food. As you can see in the photos, there was quite a selection to choose from! There were even math activity cards for practicing early math. Gently used books were also on display for both children and adults.

And on Sept 30, despite the rain, Literacy Now volunteers were happy to be at Ryan’s Rainbow Emergency Food hub Ryan’s Rainbow Emergency Food Outreach! Thanks to Literacy Abbotsford, Read On Canada, and First Book Canada for their generous donation of children and youth books!

Sometimes raising awareness in Literacy comes with joyful surprises. We received a thankful message from a mum who took home many books for her children at our literacy hamper event. She said she was able to enjoy a quiet evening, as the kids were immersed in books!

Literacy Burnaby supports family literacy. In a family, adults model literacy as an important skill needed to take part in society. If you would like to learn more about family literacy, please see our family literacy resources.

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