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Workshop Event: Indigenous Physical Literacy 101

Workshop Event: Indigenous Physical Literacy 101

ISPARC Healthy Living

The Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC) is a provincial organization dedicated to improving the health of Indigenous peoples by supporting and encouraging physically active individuals, families, and communities.

ISPARC’s Indigenous Physical Literacy Workshop provides an Indigenous lens and perspective to physical literacy.  Attendees will be introduced to the concept of the Holistic Model and the Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development and how physical literacy supports this model. 

This is a fun and interactive virtual session with opportunities for physical movements. So clear some space and get ready to to move, wear comfortable clothing and have water on standby.

Through interactive discussions and tutorials, attendees will gain insight into how some Indigenous communities have incorporated physical literacy into their programming, while fulfilling their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

Registration is required by May 14, 2022 at the following link:



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