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Why Take Swimming Lessons?

Why Take Swimming Lessons?

It’s summer time! But, with summer comes the beach and the pool. Swimming is a life-saving skill, so if you can’t swim, you should take lessons. Below, we have a short list of where to find swimming lessons for kids and adults.

Why Learn How to Swim?

Being able to swim is very important, for you and your kids. It could save your life. At the beach, it could prevent you or your kids from drowning. In school, kids often go swimming, and it’s more fun for them if they know how to swim. 

Swimming is good exercise and can help you stay healthy. Once you know how to swim, there’s other programs, like Aquafit, that you can participate in. For families, swimming only costs $3.30 per person! 

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross no longer offers swimming lessons, because they are focusing on other causes.

Where to Find Swimming Lessons

These 2 places offer swimming lessons for kids. Lessons for the youngest children require parent participation. Both places teach the Swim for Life program.

  1. The City of Burnaby: the city offers swimming lessons for kids ages 6 months to 14. They also offer classes for adults. These are the cheapest and most popular, but they fill up very quickly. Prices start at $40 and are most commonly around $70-80. Click here to for more information and here to sign up.
  2. Pedalheads: Pedalheads offers swimming lessons for kids ages 4 months and older.  These are more expensive, but are easier to register for. Prices start at $190 and are most commonly $290. Click here to learn more.

There’s also many other places that offer lessons. Many of these places are more expensive, so we didn’t include them. For stronger swimmers, you can try signing up for a swim club. Swim clubs compete at competitions.

Be Sun Smart

When you’re outside, make sure to stay safe in the sun! Wear sunscreen and re-apply every 2 hours, wear a hat and sunglasses, and cover bare skin. This can prevent skin cancer and heat-related illnesses.